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Instruction for Authors


     The Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University (JNAU) is a synthetic academic journal in the field of agri-sciences (a bi-monthly of public circulation) edited by the JNAU Editorial Board of NAU under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. The JNAU welcomes articles in the forms of research papers, literature reviews, research newsletters, and news flashes reflecting the latest scientific development mainly on plant and animal genetic breeding, physiology and biochemistry, crop cultivation, pest control, animal science and animal medicine, life sciences, natural resources and environmental sciences, horticulture, food science, agricultural applied chemistry, agricultural engineering, etc.

1. Submission Requirements

Authors are advised to adhere closely to the instructions and do¡¯s and don¡¯t¡¯s on the contribution given below.

(1) Clearly expressed viewpoints, valid and reliable data, terse academic discourse as well as keeping state secrets are prerequisites for contributions.

(2) The indispensable parts of the contribution are:

Chinese Section: Title, Name of Author and Work Units, Location City and Province, Zip Code, Abstract, Key Words, CLC (Chinese Library Classification) No.

English Section: Title, Name of Author (Chinese Alphabet) and Work Unit and its Address, Abstract, Key Words.

Chinese Section: Text, Acknowledgement, References.

(3) The contribution must adhere to the standardized use of standardized terminology and define the Chinese and English initials or abbreviations, if any, for their first appearance.

(4) All the tables and figures should be carefully selected, reasonably designed and self-evidently presented, without re-description or restatement in the text. Photos must have high definition, good contrast, be properly tailored, and have an indication of magnification. The description in the table or figure (including their endnotes or footnotes) must be bilingual in Chinese and English.

(5) All the references should be formal, preferably recent, publications, advisably from 10-25 entries. The Chinese references in the references section must be annotated in English.

2. The copyright in the manuscript shall belong to its author, who should take the sole responsibility for the consequences of his views and data. The number and order of byline are up to the author to decide. The author¡¯s signature is required for any post-submission changes in the byline. The contribution must be free from copyright disputes. In accordance withCOPYRIGHT LAW OF THE PEOPLE¡¯S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, the JNAU reserves the right to making revisions and truncations in the manuscript.

3. The JNAU has been entered in the Chinese Scholarly Journals( CD-ROMs) and other academic databases for the purpose of national informatization construction and wider academic circulation. The author¡¯s copyright royalties and contribution fee are paid as once-off.

4. The contributor should visit the NJAU website, and finalize his contribution under the guidance of the JNAU submission guidelines. Those which do not conform to the submission requirement will be returned to the author for revision before submitting for refereeing. The final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript is made by the JNAU Editorial Board.

5. Manuscripts should be submitted online through the JNAU Editorial System available from http://nauxb.njau.edu.cn . Authors are expected to visit this site for registration and submission.

6. The JNAU website: http://nauxb.njau.edu.cn . The JNAU sole email: nauxb@njau.edu.cn . Contact No.: +86-25-84395214

7. All the previous issues since 1956 are available for free downloading from the JNAU website.