JIN Sihua,YANG Lei,TONG Yucui,et al.Expression levels of PRKAA1 and PRKAA2 and their correlations with residual feed intake in meat-type ducks[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2018,41(5):925-930.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201802012]





Expression levels of PRKAA1 and PRKAA2 and their correlations with residual feed intake in meat-type ducks
金四华1 杨磊1 童雨翠1 范心凤1 何婷婷1 汪加发2 李永胜3 耿照玉1
1. 安徽农业大学动物科技学院, 安徽 合肥 230036;
2. 黄山强英鸭业有限公司, 安徽 黄山 245461;
3. 黄山市畜牧兽医技术推广中心, 安徽 黄山 245000
JIN Sihua1 YANG Lei1 TONG Yucui1 FAN Xinfeng1 HE Tingting1 WANG Jiafa2 LI Yongsheng3 GENG Zhaoyu1
1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Anhui Agricultural University, Hefei 230036, China;
2. Huangshan Qiangying Duck Breeding Co., Ltd., Huangshan 245461, China;
3. Extension Center for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine of Huangshan City, Huangshan 245000, China
duckresidual feed intakeAMP-activated protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha-1(PRKAA1)AMP-activated protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha-2(PRKAA2)correlation
[目的]本试验旨在探讨AMP激活蛋白激酶α1和α2基因(PRKAA1、PRKAA2)在高、低饲料效率组肉鸭胸大肌、腿肌和肝脏中表达水平及其与剩余采食量(RFI)性状的相关性。[方法]选取体质量相近的H系肉公鸭1 000只,测定21~42日龄时的采食量和体增重,计算RFI。挑选高、低RFI组肉鸭各8只,采用定量PCR检测PRKAA1PRKAA2在2组肉鸭胸大肌、腿肌和肝脏中表达水平。[结果]PRKAA1 mRNA在低RFI组肉鸭胸大肌中表达量极显著高于高RFI组(P<0.01),腿肌中表达量显著高于高RFI组(P<0.05)。低RFI组胸大肌和腿肌中PRKAA2 mRNA表达量显著高于高RFI组(P<0.05)。相关性分析表明,肉鸭胸大肌中PRKAA1 mRNA相对表达量与日采食量、饲料转化率和RFI显著负相关(P<0.05),腿肌中相对表达量与日采食量和RFI显著负相关(P<0.05)。另外,胸大肌中PRKAA2 mRNA相对表达量与日采食量和RFI显著负相关(P<0.05),腿肌中相对表达量与RFI呈显著负相关关系(P<0.05)。[结论]PRKAA1PRKAA2基因在高、低RFI组肉鸭胸大肌和腿肌中表达量存在显著差异且与剩余采食量性状显著相关。
[Objectives]The objective of this study was to examine expression levels of AMP-activated protein kinase catalytic subunit alpha-1(PRKAA1) and alpha-2(PRKAA2) mRNA in pectoralis major muscle,leg muscle and liver and their correlations with residual feed intake in meat-type ducks with high and low residual feed intake.[Methods]A total of 1 000 male H-line ducks with similar body weight were chosen to record feed intake and body weight gain from 21 to 42 day old,then calculated residual feed intake(RFI) in the interval. At 42 d,the 8 high RFI(HRFI) and 8 low RFI(LRFI) ranking ducks were selected to detect relative expressions of PRKAA1 and PRKAA2 mRNA in pectoralis major,leg muscle and liver in meat-type ducks between HRFI and LRFI group.[Results]The results showed that expression level of PRKAA1 mRNA in pectoralis major of LRFI group was significantly higher than that of HRFI group(P<0.01),and its relative expression in leg muscle of LRFI group was significantly higher than that of HRFI group(P<0.05). Relative expression of PRKAA2 mRNA in pectoralis major and leg muscle of LRFI group was significantly greater than that of HRFI group(P<0.05). The correlation analysis demonstrated that relative expression of PRKAA1 mRNA in pectoralis major was significantly negatively correlated with average daily feed intake(ADFI),feed conversion ratio(FCR) and RFI(P<0.05),and its expression level in leg muscle was negatively associated with ADFI and RFI(P<0.05). Additionally,expression level of PRKAA2 mRNA in pectoralis major was significantly negatively correlated with ADFI and RFI(P<0.05),and its relative expression in leg muscle was significantly negatively related to RFI(P<0.05).[Conclusions]The results of this study indicate that the expression levels of PRKAA1 and PRKAA2 in pectoralis major and leg muscle between HRFI and LRFI group are statistically significant and their relative expressions are significantly associated with residual feed intake in meat-type ducks.


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