CUI Shouyao,WU Zhen,Lü Haimeng,et al.The physiological mechanism of exogenous CaCl2 relieving tomato fruit cracking[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2019,42(1):59-65.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201802015]





The physiological mechanism of exogenous CaCl2 relieving tomato fruit cracking
崔守尧 吴震 吕海萌 薛灵姿 蒋芳玲
南京农业大学园艺学院/农业农村部华东地区园艺作物生物学与种质创新重点实验室, 江苏 南京 210095
CUI Shouyao WU Zhen Lü Haimeng XUE Lingzi JIANG Fangling
College of Horticulture/Key Laboratory of Biology and Germplasm Enhancement of Horticultural Crops in East China, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
tomatofruit crackingexogenous CaCl2antioxidant systemcell wallions
[目的]本文旨在从生理水平探究外源CaCl2缓解番茄裂果的机制,为裂果的防控提供理论依据。[方法]以耐裂和易裂果番茄为材料,喷施10 g·L-1 CaCl2溶液,统计番茄裂果率,测定抗氧化酶活性变化、相关离子(Ca2+、K+、Mg2+、B3+)含量、细胞壁主要成分含量(纤维素和果胶)、细胞壁关键水解酶(纤维素酶和多聚半乳糖醛酸酶)活性。[结果]10 g·L-1 CaCl2处理可以显著降低易裂果番茄的裂果率,降低果皮中过氧化氢(H2O2)和丙二醛(MDA)含量及抗氧化酶活性,使易裂番茄电导率显著下降。10 g·L-1 CaCl2处理下,番茄果皮Ca2+、K+、B3+的含量显著升高,Mg2+含量下降;果皮中纤维素酶和多聚半乳糖醛酸酶活性降低,细胞壁中纤维素和果胶的含量增加。[结论]喷施CaCl2处理可以降低番茄果实的氧化胁迫伤害,稳定细胞膜结构,促进番茄对Ca2+、K+、B3+离子的吸收,减少对Mg2+的吸收,使Ca2+、B3+与细胞壁更易结合,从而增加细胞壁的强度,缓解裂果的发生。
[Objectives]The aim of this study is to investigate the physiological mechanism of tomato fruit cracking influenced by exogenous CaCl2,which can provide a theoretical basis for the prevention of fruit cracking. [Methods]We adopted crack-resistant and crack-susceptible tomatoes as the plant materials with 10 g·L-1 CaCl2 spraying as the treatment. And the fruit cracking rate,antioxidant enzyme activity,related ions(Ca2+,K+,Mg2+,B3+),cell wall components(pectin and cellulose) and the wall-metabolic hydrolases(cellulase and polygalacturonase) were then measured. [Results]The results showed that 10 g·L-1 CaCl2 treatment significantly reduced the fruit crack rate in the crack-susceptible tomato. The contents of H2O2 and MDA and antioxidant enzyme activity decreased in tomato pericarp,the electrical conductivity reduced;the concentration of Ca2+,K+,B3+ increased,and Mg2+ decreased significantly. Simultaneously,the activities of cellulase and polygalacturonase decreased,and cellulose and protopectin concentrations increased. [Conclusions]The treatment of exogenous CaCl2 can prevent cell from oxidative damage,make the cell membrane structure more stable,improve the absorption of Ca2+,K+,B3+,and prevent the absorption of Mg2+. Ca2+ and B3+ are easier to bind to cell wall,which would strengthen the cell wall. Exogenous CaCl2 can reduce the occurrence of fruit splitting.


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