JIANG Jie,ZHANG Zeyu,CAO Qiang,et al.Use of a digital camera mounted on a consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the growth status of wheat[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2019,42(4):622-631.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201904065]





Use of a digital camera mounted on a consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the growth status of wheat
江杰 张泽宇 曹强 田永超 朱艳 曹卫星 刘小军
南京农业大学国家信息农业工程技术中心/农业农村部作物系统分析与决策重点实验室/江苏省信息农业重点实验室/江苏省现代作物生产协同创新中心, 江苏 南京 210095
JIANG Jie ZHANG Zeyu CAO Qiang TIAN Yongchao ZHU Yan CAO Weixing LIU Xiaojun
National Engineering and Technology Center for Information Agriculture/Key Laboratory for Crop System Analysis and Decision Making, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Information Agriculture/Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Crop Production, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
wheatgrowth statusnitrogen nutritionunmanned aerial vehicledigital camera
[目的]本文旨在探究消费级无人机搭载数码相机更好地用于小麦长势快速监测。[方法]于2015—2017年开展涉及2个小麦品种和4个施氮水平处理的田间小区试验,在小麦关键生育期采用大疆精灵3专业版无人机自带的数码相机获取试验区数码影像,并提取6种颜色指数,同步取样并测定叶面积指数、叶片干物质量及叶片氮积累量等小麦长势信息,在小麦抽穗前、后及全生育期分别运用指数函数和随机森林算法定量分析长势信息与颜色指数的关系。[结果]在小麦各生长阶段,指数函数模型表现较好,可见光大气阻抗指数(visible atmospherically resistant index,VARI)、超红指数(excess red index,ExR)和归一化绿减红差值指数(normalized green minus red difference index,NGRDI)与叶面积指数、叶片干物质量和叶片氮积累量的相关性均表现较好,继而分别建立了基于VARI、ExR和NGRDI的叶面积指数(R2=0.71~0.82)、叶片干物质量(R2=0.42~0.71)和叶片氮积累量(R2=0.52~0.76)的指数函数监测模型。独立试验数据的检验结果表明:在抽穗前及全生育期,ExR(R2=0.45~0.70和0.42~0.62)监测模型估测的叶面积指数、叶片干物质量和叶片氮积累量与实测值拟合性更好,在抽穗后期,VARI(R2=0.68~0.72)监测模型估测效果更好。[结论]结合小麦各生长阶段指数函数监测模型,利用无人机搭载数码相机可以快速无损监测小麦长势状况。
[Objectives]This paper aims to explore better monitoring the growth status of wheat using consumer-grade unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)mounted a digital camera.[Methods]Field plot experiments involving two wheat varieties and four nitrogen(N)rates were conducted during 2015-2017,the DJI Phantom 3 professional UAV built-in camera was used to collect the experimental field digital images at wheat key growth stages,six color indices were extracted from the digital images,and three growth parameters including leaf area index(LAI),leaf dry weight(LDW)and leaf N accumulation(LNA)were measured synchronously. The quantitative relationships between growth information and six color indices were systematically analyzed by using exponential function and random forest algorithm at pre- and post-heading and across all growth stages.[Results]The results indicated that the exponential model performed better than random forest model at different growth stages,visible atmospherically resistant index(VARI),excess red index(ExR),and normalized green minus red difference index(NGRDI)were highly correlated with LAI,LDW and LNA,and then monitoring models in exponential form on LAI (R2=0.71-0.82),LDW(R2=0.42-0.71),and LNA (R2=0.52-0.76)were constructed with VARI,ExR and NGRDI,respectively. The validation of the predicting models using independent dataset showed that the above linked models gave accurate LAI,LDW,and LNA estimation,while LAI,LDW,and LNA estimated by the ExR (R2=0.45-0.70 and 0.42-0.62)model matched better with measured values at pre-heading and across all growth stages,and by the VARI(R2=0.68-0.72)model matched better with measured values at post-heading stages.[Conclusions]Therefore,this study demonstrated that combining the exponential monitoring models at pre- and post-heading and across all growth stages,the UAV-mounted digital camera system is able to rapidly and nondestructively monitor the growth status of wheat.


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