XU Qinglei,SHEN Chunyan,CHEN Ruonan,et al.Canonical correlation between the aggressive behavior and physiological,personality traits of weaned pigs after mixing[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2020,43(4):748-753.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201905029]





Canonical correlation between the aggressive behavior and physiological,personality traits of weaned pigs after mixing
徐庆磊 沈春彦 陈若男 童献 郜思源 刘鑫鹏 周波
南京农业大学动物科技学院, 江苏 南京 210095
XU Qinglei SHEN Chunyan CHEN Ruonan TONG Xian GAO Siyuan LIU Xinpeng ZHOU Bo
College of Animal Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
weaned pigletaggressive behaviorcanonical correlation analysisphysiological factorpersonality factor
[目的] 本试验旨在探讨猪攻击行为性状、生理性状和性格特征性状3组性状间的相互关系,分析与猪混群后攻击行为相关的性状因素,有望通过这些相关性状间接选育出低攻击性猪。[方法] 使用硬盘录像系统记录500头断奶仔猪混群后36 h的攻击行为,并测定生理和性格特征性状数据,对3组性状间11个变量进行简单相关分析和典型相关分析。[结果] 典型相关分析结果表明,攻击行为性状与个体生理性状间的第1、第2典型相关系数(r)分别为0.260、0.172,都达到极显著水平(P<0.01),分别占2组性状间总相关信息量的69.10%、28.90%;性格特征性状包括Backtest测试和咬尾测试,但相关系数未达到显著水平(P>0.05)。生理特征因素中初始体质量与攻击行为呈极显著正相关(P<0.000 1),此外,性别和攻击行为存在显著相关关系(P=0.005),而胎次、咬尾测试、Backtest测试对攻击行为均没有显著影响。[结论] 个体生理特征性状与攻击行为性状之间具有显著相关性。性别显著影响断奶仔猪混群后的攻击行为,去势公猪比母猪具有更多的对峙行为和更少的被欺凌行为;断奶仔猪混群前体质量与打架时长密切相关,体质量越大,打架时长越长。提示:将体质量相似的仔猪同栏饲养更有利于减少打斗行为。
[Objectives] This experiment aimed to explore the correlations among the aggressive behavioral traits,physiological traits,and personality traits of pigs,to identify the main factors affecting aggressive behaviors,and to indirectly select the low-aggressive pigs through genetic breeding.[Methods] A total of 500 weaned Suhuai pigs from 65 litters were selected in this study. Aggressive behavior of weaned pigs was recorded for 36 h after mixing using a digital video recording system,and measured physiological and personality trait data. Simple correlation analysis and canonical correlation analysis were used to analyze the correlation of 11 variables among the three groups traits.[Results] The result showed that the first and second correlation coefficients between aggression traits and individual physiological traits were 0.260 and 0.172,respectively,both of which reached extremely significant levels(P<0.01),expressed 69.10% and 28.90% of the total correlation. Personality traits including Backtest and tail test were not significant in the canonical correlation analysis(P>0.05). Among the physiological characteristics,initial weight was extremely significantly positively correlated with aggressive behavior(P<0.000 1). In addition,there was a significant correlation between gender and aggressive behavior(P=0.005),while parity,tail test,and Backtest had no significant effect on the aggressive behavior.[Conclusions] It was found that there was a significant correlation between individual physiological characteristics and aggressive behavior traits. Gender significantly affected the aggressive behavior of piglets after weaning. Castrated boars had more confrontational behavior and less bullying behavior than sow. The weight of piglets before weaning was closely related to the duration of the fight. The heavier the weight,the longer the duration of the fight. This reminds that mixing piglets of similar weight into same pen will help reduce aggressive behavior.


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