HU Yan-min,WU Xin,LI Cui-xiang,et al.Genetic analysis on the related traits of florescence for hybrid seed production in maize[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2008,31(1):11-16.[doi:10.7685/j.issn.1000-2030.2008.01.003]





Genetic analysis on the related traits of florescence for hybrid seed production in maize
HU Yan-min WU Xin LI Cui-xiang FU Zhi-yuan LIU Zong-hua TANG Ji-hua
Agronomy College of Henan Agricultural University, Zhengzhou 450002, China; Bioengineering College of Henan Industrial University, Zhengzhou 450052, China
玉米 制种 花期 相关性状 QTL分析
maize hybrid seed production florescence related traits QTL analysis
The yield of hybrid seed production is very important to reducing the cost of hybrid seed in maize, and it directly affects the extending acreage of one hybrid. The objective of this study is to dissect the genetic basis of the related traits of florescence for hybrid seed production, and provide the genetic basis for raising hybrid seed production and maize breeding. A set of F2:4 population derived from a cross between two elite inbred lines, Qiong 68 and K12, were used as material for evaluating the related traits of florescence for seed production in maize. The population was evaluated in two environments, and the genetic linkage maps were constructed including 134 simple sequence repeat markers. The results demonstrated that day to pollination(DTP)had a positive significant relationship to day to silking(DTS), silking duration(SD)and seed setting rate(SSR). And DTS also had positive significant relationship to SD and SSR, so did SD and SSR, whereas pollination duration(PD)had negative correlation to DTP and DTS. A total of 22 QTL were detected for the related traits of florescence for seed production using composite interval mapping method, including 5 QTL for DTP, 4 QTL for DTS, 5 QTL for anthesis to silking interval(ASI), 4 QTL for PD, 2 QTL for SD, 2 QTL for SSR. Many QTL had interaction with environments.


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