XU Xiao-sa,LIU Xi,ZHAO Zhi-gang,et al.Construction of genetic linkage map based on a RILs population derived from the hybrid rice Peiai 64S/93-11 and detection of QTL for 1000-grain weight[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2011,34(1):8-13.[doi:10.7685/j.issn.1000-2030.2011.01.002]





Construction of genetic linkage map based on a RILs population derived from the hybrid rice Peiai 64S/93-11 and detection of QTL for 1000-grain weight
XU Xiao-sa LIU Xi ZHAO Zhi-gang ZHOU Yu-jun WU Sheng-yang ZHOU Rong ZHANG Jun-jie JIANG Ling WAN Jian-min
State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement/Research Center of Jiangsu Plant GeneEngineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China; Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
水稻 重组自交系 SSR 分子标记 遗传连锁图谱 千粒重 染色体片段置换系 QTL
rice RILs SSR molecular marker genetic linkage map 1 000-grain weight CSSLs QTL
利用光、温敏核不育系培矮64S与常规品种93-11进行杂交,以单粒传方法建立含217个单株的重组自交系(R ILs)群体。选用775对SSR引物进行亲本多态性筛选,共有170对检测到多态性,频率为21.9%。构建的水稻分子遗传图谱共包含141个标记座位,总图距约2 060.4 cM,标记间平均图距为14.6 cM。群体中标记偏分离情况较严重。以该R ILs群体217个株系为材料,对千粒重性状进行了QTL分析。结果表明:在R ILs群体中检测到3个与千粒重相关的QTL,分别在第1、5、8染色体上,命名为qTGW-1、qTGW-5、qTGW-8,其LOD值为5.51、3.31、4.94,贡献率为17.90%、6.12%、9.59%。qTGW-1控制千粒重的增效基因来自低值亲本培矮64S,qTGW-5和qTGW-8控制千粒重的增效基因来自高值亲本93-11。通过相应的含有154个家系的全基因组染色体片段置换系(CSSLs)群体图示基因型分析,证实了在第1染色体上标记RM315附近存在控制千粒重的增效基因,来源于染色体片段供体亲本培矮64S,使千粒重增加1.03 g;在第5、8染色体上标记RM3663、RM310附近存在控制千粒重的增效基因,来自染色体片段受体亲本93-11,使千粒重分别增加0.63 g和0.80 g。
The present study used the photo-thermo sensitive genic male sterile Peiai 64S and 93-11 as the material to develop 217 recombinant inbred lines(RILs)by using SSR marker aided selection. A total of 775 pairs of SSR markers were used to analyze the polymorphism between Peiai 64S and 93-11.It was shown that there were 170 pairs of polymorphism markers and their polymorphic ratio are 21.9%. The linkage map consists of 141 SSR markers. This map covered the rice genome about 2 060.4 cM with about 14.6 cM of average interval. Serious segregation distortion was observed in this RILs population. QTL analysis for the 1 000-grain weight(TGW)was conducted with the RILs of Peiai 64S/93-11 with 217 lines and a genome-wide chromosome segment substitution lines(CSSLs)population with 154 lines. The result indicated that in the RILs population, three QTL controlling the TGW were detected on chromosome 1, 5 and 8, named qTGW-1, qTGW-5, qTGW-8, respectively. The LOD values of each QTL were 5.51, 3.31 and 4.94, and phenotypic variations were explained by each QTL are 17.90%, 6.12% and 9.59%, respectively. The allele of qTGW-1 was derived from Peiai 64S and the other two alleles of qTGW-5 and qTGW-8 were derived from 93-11.Analysis of CSSLs graphical gene types also showed that there was a positive allele on the Peiai 64S chromosome substitution segment near the marker RM315 locating on the chromosome 1 which certificated the existence of qTGW-1, and also that there were other two negative alleles on the Peiai 64S chromosome substitution segment near the marker RM3663 and RM310 locating on the chromosome 5 and 8 which proved the existence of the qTGW-5 and qTGW-8.


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