WANG Zhen-yun,ZHOU Xuan,LI Hui-xia,et al.Protective effect of green tea polyphenols on oxidative stress-induced bovine mammary epithelial cells injury[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2012,35(3):101-106.[doi:10.7685/j.issn.1000-2030.2012.03.018]





Protective effect of green tea polyphenols on oxidative stress-induced bovine mammary epithelial cells injury
王振云 周璇 李惠侠 廖旭东 崔群维 李莲 王根林
南京农业大学动物科技学院, 江苏 南京 210095
WANG Zhen-yun ZHOU Xuan LI Hui-xia LIAO Xu-dong CUI Qun-wei LI Lian WANG Gen-lin
College of Animal Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
green tea polyphenolsbovineoxidative stressmammary epithelial cellsapoptosis
用过氧化氢(H2O2)建立体外奶牛乳腺上皮细胞的氧化应激损伤模型,研究不同质量浓度茶多酚对氧化应激所致奶牛乳腺上皮细胞损伤的影响。MTT法检测细胞存活率,比色法检测细胞培养液中丙二醛(MDA)含量、超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)和乳酸脱氢酶(LDH)活性,流式细胞术检测细胞凋亡情况,分光光度法检测天冬氨酸特异的半胱氨酸蛋白酶3(Caspase-3)的活性。结果显示:与H2O2损伤模型组相比,20~100 μg·mL-1茶多酚处理组的奶牛乳腺上皮细胞存活率、SOD活性显著升高,而MDA含量、LDH与Caspase-3相对活性与细胞凋亡率均下降,其中以100 μg·mL-1茶多酚处理组效果最显著,说明一定质量浓度的茶多酚可以缓解氧化应激所致的奶牛乳腺上皮细胞的损伤,提高细胞存活率,抑制乳腺细胞凋亡。结论:茶多酚对乳腺上皮细胞氧化应激损伤具有保护作用,其保护作用可能与降低MDA含量,增强SOD活性及抑制Caspase-3活性有关。
To investigate the protective effect of different concentration of green tea polyphenols(GTP)on oxidative stress-induced bovine mammary epithelial cells injury,a model system of H2O2-induced damage to mammary epithelial cells cultured was established.Cell viability was detected by MTT assay.The content of malondialdehyde(MDA),the activities of superoxide dismutase(SOD)and lactate dehydrogenase(LDH)in the cell culture media were determined by a colorimetric method.Apoptotic cells were detected by flow cytometry.Meanwhile,the Caspase-3 relative activity was detected by spectrophotometric method.The results showed that compared with the H2O2 group,the GTP-treated groups(20-100 μg·mL-1)exhibited the increase of the cell viabilities of mammary epithelial cells and SOD activity,and decreased the levels of MDA,LDH,Caspase-3 activity and cell apoptosis.And the treatment of GTP(100 μg·mL-1)had the most significant effect.These results suggested that a certain concentration of GTP might alleviate the injury of mammary epithelial cells induced by oxidative stress,increased the cell viability,and inhibited the cell apoptosis.Conclusion:GTP protected mammary epithelial cells against oxidative stress-induced injury,which was probably related to the attenuation of MDA content,the increasement of SOD activity and the inhibition of the Caspase-3 activity.


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