MA Baiquan,WEI Tianyu,WU Yan,et al.Cloning and polymorphism of BMP4 gene 3’-UTR in Suhuai pig[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2016,39(5):819-824.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201602002]





Cloning and polymorphism of BMP4 gene 3’-UTR in Suhuai pig
马百全1 魏天雨1 吴艳2 郭苹3 王钧顺2 张建生3 邢军3 刘红林1 李齐发1
1. 南京农业大学动物科技学院, 江苏 南京 210095;
2. 淮阴种猪场, 江苏 淮安 223322;
3. 江苏农林职业技术学院, 江苏 句容 212400
MA Baiquan1 WEI Tianyu1 WU Yan2 GUO Ping3 WANG Junshun2 ZHANG Jiansheng3 XING Jun3 LIU Honglin1 LI Qifa1
1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China;
2. Huaiyin Pig Breeding Farm, Huai’an 223322, China;
3. Jiangsu Polytechnic College of Agriculture and Forestry, Jurong 212400, China
Suhuai pigBMP4 gene3’-UTRSNPpolymorphism
[目的] 本试验旨在研究梅山猪和苏淮猪BMP4(bone morphogenetic protein 4)基因3’-UTR区序列特征,分析苏淮猪BMP4基因3’-UTR区SNP位点并了解苏淮猪和高繁殖力猪种梅山猪BMP4基因3’-UTR SNP位点多态性。[方法] 采用克隆测序技术获得苏淮猪BMP4基因3’-UTR区序列;利用生物信息学方法分析其序列特征;利用池DNA测序技术筛选SNPs,采用AS-PCR技术分析苏淮猪和梅山猪SNPs位点多态性。[结果] 苏淮猪BMP4基因3’-UTR区序列长度为267 bp,含有一个(AC)9微卫星位点和PolyA结构;在苏淮猪BMP4基因3’-UTR区20 nt处发现一个SNP,AS-PCR检测到3种基因型(GG、GC和CC);在苏淮猪中,GG型和G等位基因为优势基因型和优势等位基因,频率分别为0.815和0.887,而在高繁殖力猪种梅山猪中CC型和C等位基因为优势基因型和优势等位基因,频率分别为为0.667和0.770。[结论] 获得了BMP4基因3’-UTR区序列,鉴定了一个新的SNP位点,发现BMP4基因3’-UTR区20G>C位点多态性可能与猪繁殖性能有关。
[Objectives] The objective of this study is to identify the characterization of 3’-UTR sequence of Suhuai pig bone morphogenetic protein 4(BMP4) gene and the polymorphism of SNPs in 3’-UTR of BMP4 between Suhuai pig and the high reproduction of Meishan pig. [Methods] The 3’-UTR sequence of BMP4 was obtained by the cloning and sequencing and analyzed using bioinformatics methods. The SNPs of BMP4 were screened by sequencing of DNA pool and detected by the AS-PCR method between Suhuai pig and Meishan pig. [Results] The length of 3’-UTR region of Suhuai pig BMP4 gene was 267 bp and contained a microsatellite loci of(AC) 9. Moreover,we found an SNP in the 20 nt in the 3’-UTR of Suhuai pig BMP4 gene and detected three genotypes of GG,GC and CC by AS-PCR. The genotype of GG and G allele were higher in Suhuai pig and their frequency were 0.815 and 0.887,respectively. However,the genotype of CC and C allele were higher in high reproduction of Meishan pig and their frequency were 0.667 and 0.770,respectively. [Conclusions] We isolate the 3’-UTR sequence of Suhuai pig BMP4 gene and identify a new SNP in the 3’-UTR of BMP4. The polymorphism of 20G>C in the 3’-UTR of BMP4 may be associated with reproductive performance.


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