BAI Wujiao,JIN Pengjin,KUANG Meiqian,et al.Effects of heat stress on the pathway associated with luteal progesterone metabolism[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2017,40(1):145-150.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201601018]





Effects of heat stress on the pathway associated with luteal progesterone metabolism
白五娇 金鹏锦 邝美倩 魏全伟 石放雄 茆达干
南京农业大学动物科技学院, 江苏 南京 210095
BAI Wujiao JIN Pengjin KUANG Meiqian WEI Quanwei SHI Fangxiong MAO Dagan
College of Animal Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
heat stresspseudopregnant ratsprostaglandin Fluteal regressionprogesteroneNR4A1
[目的] 以假孕大鼠为模型,探讨热应激对氯前列烯醇(PGF)诱导的黄体退化过程中孕酮水平及其代谢通路相关蛋白表达的影响。[方法] 用PMSG/hCG(D0)联合处理50只大鼠,诱导假孕,然后随机分为非热应激(NHS)和热应激(HS)两组。每天在相同时间,将HS组置于40℃应激2 h。假孕第7天,热应激结束2 h后,各组大鼠以PGF分别处理0、1、2、8和24 h后屠宰,收集血清和卵巢组织。用酶联免疫法检测血清孕酮浓度,蛋白免疫印迹法和免疫组织化学法检测孕酮水平及其代谢通路相关蛋白的表达。[结果] 热应激前、后假孕大鼠的直肠温度差异显著(P<0.05);PGF降低了两组大鼠血清孕酮浓度,热应激抑制了PGF诱导的孕酮浓度下降(P<0.05);PGF或热应激处理对PKA磷酸化底物、StAR、P450scc、3βHSD及NR4A1-F表达均无显著影响(P>0.05),但均诱导NR4A1-S表达上调(P<0.05),且热应激降低PGF诱导的NR4A1-S表达(P<0.05);PKA磷酸化底物主要在类固醇生成细胞的细胞核中表达,而StAR、P450scc、3βHSD和NR4A1-F均在类固醇生成细胞的细胞质表达。[结论] 热应激降低了PGF诱导的假孕大鼠黄体退化过程中NR4A1-S的表达,提示NR4A1-S可能参与调控黄体退化过程中孕酮的代谢。
[Objectives] This study was designed to investigate the effect of heat stress on the pathway associated with the progesterone synthesis and catabolism during cloprostenol(prostaglandin F analogue,PGF)-induced luteal regression in pseudopregnant rats. [Methods] A total of 50 rats were induced pseudopregnancy by sequential PMSG/hCG(D0) treatment paradigm and randomly distributed into non-heat stress(NHS) group and heat stress(HS) group. The rats in HS group were exposed to 40℃ at the same time every day for 2 h. On day 7 of pseudopregnancy,after 2 h post-stress recovery,rats were treated with PGF for 0,1,2,8 or 24 h and then were sampled. Blood were collected to determine serum concentrations of progesterone by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,and ovaries were collected to determine the proteins associated with the progesterone metablism by western blot and immunohistochemistry. [Results] The changes in the rectal temperature in pseudopregnant rats was significant before and after heat stress(P<0.05);PGF decreased progesterone concentrations in both HS and NHS groups,and heat stress blunted PGF-induced decline in the progesterone concentrations(P<0.05);PGF or heat treatment alone didn’t alter the expressions of phospho-PKA substrates,StAR,P450scc,3βHSD and NR4A1-F(P>0.05),but significantly increased NR4A1-S expression(P<0.05). Furthermore,heat stress reduced NR4A1-S expression in response to PGF(P<0.05);the phospho-PKA substrates expressed mainly in the nuclei of steroidogenic cells,while StAR,P450scc,3βHSD and NR4A1-F uniformly expressed in the cytoplasm of steroidogenic cells. [Conclusions] Heat stress could reduce PGF-induced NR4A1-S expressions in pseudopregnant rats,which might be correlated with regulation of the progesterone catabolism during luteal regression.


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