CUI Yanan,ZHANG Xuhui,LIU Xiaoyu,et al.Effects of different swine manure treatments on growth, yield and quality of cabbage[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2017,40(2):281-286.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201604036]





Effects of different swine manure treatments on growth, yield and quality of cabbage
崔亚男 张旭辉 刘晓雨 李恋卿 潘根兴
南京农业大学农业资源与生态环境研究所, 江苏 南京 210095
CUI Yanan ZHANG Xuhui LIU Xiaoyu LI Lianqing PAN Genxing
Institute of Resource, Ecosystem and Environment of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
biocharswine manureorganic fertilizerantibioticsbiomass carbonization
[目的]畜禽粪便安全低碳绿色处理是我国畜禽养殖业和农业资源环境管理面临的重大挑战。本文旨在研究不同处理猪粪施用对蔬菜生长及品质的影响,为猪粪安全处理及资源化农业利用提供科学依据。[方法]采用温室盆栽试验,对比分析等量施用猪粪(PM)、猪粪有机肥(MOF)、猪粪生物质炭(PBC)3种处理的抗生素残留及其施用下小白菜生长和品质的变化。[结果]与新鲜猪粪、猪粪有机肥对比,炭化处理几乎100%去除了土霉素。与对照(CK,不施用任何猪粪)相比,3种处理均提高了小白菜地上部和地下部总生物量,幅度分别介于77%~188%和109%~263%,而PBC处理又比PM处理或MOF处理分别提高约30%和75%;不同处理下小白菜品质指标的变化各异,PM和MOF处理对大多数品质指标影响较小,而PBC比PM和MOF处理显著提高(20%~70%)小白菜维生素C、可溶性糖和可溶性蛋白质等营养物含量,显著降低小白菜硝酸盐含量(小于60 mg·kg-1),且PBC处理对土霉素残留的去除效果显著优于MOF处理。[结论]猪粪炭化对小白菜的品质改善效应优于产量效应,故猪粪热解炭化处理在消除抗生素的同时,能使蔬菜生产增产且大幅度提高蔬菜品质。因此,养殖业废弃物炭化及其生物质炭具有生产安全、绿色、优质蔬菜的潜力。
[Objectives] Safe,low carbon but green treatment of fecal wastes has been a major challenge for livestock production and for agricultural resource and environment management of China. In order to provide sound scientific base for optimal treatment of swine manure,effects of differently treated swine manure were examined and assessed on vegetable growth,yield and quality. [Methods] In a greenhouse pot experiment,Chinese cabbage was grown in a soil amended with mass equivalent of untreated(PM),fermented(MOF) and carbonized(PBC) in comparison to a non-amended control(CK),and the changes in antibotics residue in treated products and in biomass productivity and leaf quality were analyzed. [Results] Compared to CK,all the amendments increased both the aboveground and belowground biomass respectively by 77%-188% and by 109%-263%,being higher under PBC amendment by around 30% and 75% respectively than under PM or MOF;While the changes in leaf quality variable across the parameters evaluated,much higher(20%-70%) contents of vitamin C,soluble sugar and soluble protein as well as nutrients were observed under PBC than under PM and MOF,though both PM and MOF exerted slight impacts on most of the quality indice. Particularly,compared to PM and MOF,PBC preserved insignificant amount of anrtibiotics but reduced nitrate content of the cabbage leaf under 60 mg·kg-1. [Conclusions] Carbonized pig manure improved rather the quality than the productivity of the tested Chinese cabbage. Therefore,antibiotics residue of oxytetracycline decreased in carbonized manure than in manure compost fertilizer. Therefore,carbonization of swine manure into biochar not only helps to remove antibiotics in manure but also greatly enhances production and quality improvement of leafy vegetables. Thus,there could be a great potential to promote livestock waste carbonization for safe treatment and use of manure biochar for green production of vegetables.


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