LI Baoyu,GAO Mingjie,GAO Chunyu,et al.Research advances in application and mechanism of phosphites in agriculture[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2017,40(6):949-956.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201704002]





Research advances in application and mechanism of phosphites in agriculture
李宝玉12 高明杰3 高春雨3 余婧婧3
1. 中国农业科学院农业信息研究所, 北京 100081;
2. 潍坊乐多收生物工程有限公司, 山东 潍坊 262400;
3. 中国农业科学院农业资源与农业区划研究所, 北京 100081
LI Baoyu12 GAO Mingjie3 GAO Chunyu3 YU Jingjing3
1. Institute of Agricultural Information, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China;
2. Weifang Leduoshou Biology Engineering Limited Company, Weifang 262400, China;
3. Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
Phosphites has been shown to be a new environmentally friendly chemical agent for crops, which could have increased their yield and resistance to disease. In this paper, the application and mechanism of phosphites as fungicides and functional fertilizers in agriculture are reviewed. The results show that phosphites have been widely used in plant diseases and pest control and plant nutrition in foreign countries. In China, its related research and application is lagging behind. Phosphoric acid as a bactericide in the inhibition of oomycetes such as Solanaceae, Brassica and other leafy vegetables has a good effect, while in the aspects of increasing the flowering, the yield, the fruit size and the soluble matter content of the strawberry, potato and other crops, it also has a good fertilizer effect. Mechanism studies have shown that phosphorous phosphates can be transported in the crop xylem and phloem of the two channels to speed up the absorption and utilization of nutrients;in disease resistance, the researchers generally believe that phosphite phosphate can induce crops to produce toxins and pathogenesis-related protein (PR protein), relying on salicylic acid (SA)to open the defense mechanism, so that crops can produce sustained immunity on the pathogen, but there is no clear conclusion until now. The results of this study could provide a reference for the promotion and application of phosphite in agriculture in China.


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