LIU Chen,WEI Quanwei,LI Pinghua,et al.Association of polymorphism of 5’UTR region at the INHA gene and the litter size in the Suhuai pig[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2017,40(6):1119-1124.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201609038]





Association of polymorphism of 5’UTR region at the INHA gene and the litter size in the Suhuai pig
刘晨1 魏全伟1 李平华12 吴燕13 吴望军12 李强13 黄瑞华12 石放雄12
1. 南京农业大学动物科技学院, 江苏 南京 210095;
2. 南京农业大学淮安研究院, 江苏 淮安 223005;
3. 淮安市淮阴种猪场, 江苏 淮安 223322
LIU Chen1 WEI Quanwei1 LI Pinghua12 WU Yan13 WU Wangjun12 LI Qiang13 HUANG Ruihua12 SHI Fangxiong12
1. College of Animal Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China;
2. Huaian Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University, Huaian 223005, China;
3. Huaian Huaiyin Pig Farm, Huaian 223322, China
Suhuai piginhibin α subunit gene(INHA)single nucleotide polymorphismtotal number born
[目的] 探究抑制素α亚基基因(INHA5’UTR区多态性与苏淮猪产仔数相关性,为苏淮猪的分子选育工作提供理论依据。[方法] 选取189头健康苏淮母猪,通过PCR扩增和测序对INHA基因5’UTR区基因多态性进行了检测,同时利用生物信息学方法分析该序列特征,最后通过群体遗传学和生物信息学分析了不同基因型对苏淮猪产仔数的影响。[结果] 在苏淮猪INHA基因5’UTR调控区-42G >A处发现一个SNP位点,对其进行多态性分析,存在3种基因型,分别为GG、GA、AA,且基因型分布不符合哈代温伯格定律(P<0.01)。G等位基因为优势等位基因,GG型为优势基因型,GG型苏淮猪的平均总产仔数比AA型多0.63头(P<0.05)。[结论] INHA基因5’UTR区多态性可用于苏淮猪繁殖性状的分子标记辅助选择,加速育种进程。
[Objectives] The experiment was conducted to explore the association of polymorphism of 5’UTR regulatory region at inhibin α subunit gene (INHA)and litter sizes of Suhuai pigs and provide theoretical and guidance basis for successful breeding.[Methods] A total of 189 healthy Suhuai pigs were used in the study and gene sequence of 5’UTR regulatory region was achieved by PCR amplification and DNA sequencing.[Results] We analyzed the effect of different genotypes on litter sizes of Suhuai pigs and detected an SNP site located in 27nt of 5’UTR regulatory region at INHA gene in Suhuai pigs. Analysis at -42G>A region of gene polymorphism for the SNP site revealed three genotypes including GG, GA and AA, which were not consistent with Hardy-Weinberg Law (P<0.01). G allele was an epistasis and GG gene type was a dominant genotype. In the present study, GG genotypic Suhuai pigs had 0.63 more litter size than that of pigs with AA genotype (P<0.05).[Conclusions] These results indicated that SNP site in 5’UTR regulatory region at INHA gene was significantly associated with reproductive performance and helpful to improving breeding of Suhuai pigs.


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