YU Dongli,SONG Xiaoou,BAO Yalin,et al.A quantitative proteomic study of the OsGLO1-mediated resistance against the rice blast disease[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2018,41(1):71-78.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201703039]





A quantitative proteomic study of the OsGLO1-mediated resistance against the rice blast disease
于东立 宋晓欧 鲍亚林 林思远 王建升 王秀娟 卢唯 赵弘巍
南京农业大学植物保护学院, 江苏 南京 210095
YU Dongli SONG Xiao’ou BAO Yalin LIN Siyuan WANG Jiansheng WANG Xiujuan LU Wei ZHAO Hongwei
College of Plant Protection, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
quantitative proteomicsrice blastdisease resistanceglycolate-oxidasehydrogen peroxidephytohormone
[Objectives]OsGLO1(glycolate-oxidase 1) is a peroxisome-localized enzyme catalyzing hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) production. However,it remains uninvestigated whether OsGLO1 contributes to the rice defense response. Therefore,it is of great significance studying the involvement of OsGLO1 in rice defense against the blast disease,the most severe rice disease worldwide. [Methods]We compared and analyzed the rice protein expression profiles between the rice leaves inoculated by a Magnaporthe oryzae compatible(Guy11) and an incompatible strain(2539) with the mock-treated rice leaves through a quantitative proteomic approach. [Results]We found that OsGLO1 was specifically suppressed by the compatible rice blast strain but not by the incompatible strain. Guy11 is a virulent strain that causes noticeable disease symptoms on rice,whereas strain 2539 is an avirulent strain that is moderately pathogenic to many rice genotypes. Therefore,the suppressed OsGLO1 expression by Guy11 and the declined disease resistance after Guy11 infection associate OsGLO1 with blast disease resistance. By employing a rice protoplast-M. oryzae elicitor interaction system,we confirmed that the expression of OsGLO1 was positively related to rice early defense responses such as reactive oxygen species(ROS) accumulation and callose deposition. Moreover,cognate expression profiles were also observed between OsGLO1 and multiple defense signaling pathway components such as OsPBZ1,OsPAD4 and OsAOS2. [Conclusions]Our results suggest that OsGLO1 is a defense component involved in disease response against rice blast,in which multiple phytohormone signaling pathway are employed. Our study is the first case study that OsGLO1 is a critical component against rice blast disease. Considering its involvement in abiotic stress tolerance,our discovery is of great significance revealing that OsGLO1 might play mutual roles against both abiotic and biotic stresses.


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