ZHANG Fengge,HUO Yunqian,SUN Yi,et al.Effect of consecutive biofertilizer application on aboveground biomass and management of soil microflora in grassland[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2018,41(2):382-388.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201708004]





Effect of consecutive biofertilizer application on aboveground biomass and management of soil microflora in grassland
张风革1 霍云倩1 孙艺2 肖燕1 杨高文1 张英俊13
1. 南京农业大学草业学院, 江苏 南京 210095;
2. 张家港市耕地质量保护站, 江苏 苏州 215600;
3. 中国农业大学动物科学技术学院, 北京 100193
ZHANG Fengge1 HUO Yunqian1 SUN Yi2 XIAO Yan1 YANG Gaowen1 ZHANG Yingjun13
1. College of Agro-Grassland Science, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China;
2. Zhangjiagang Station of Agro-Environmental Monitoring and Protection, Suzhou 215600, China;
3. College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultu
biofertilizergrassland biomasssoil propertieshigh-throughput sequencingsoil microfloraPearson correlation coefficients
[目的]本文旨在明确施用生物有机肥对草地生产力的提升效果,从地下部角度分析并阐明草地生产力提高的微生物生态学机制,为构建高产草地土壤的微生物区系提供理论支撑。[方法]在呼伦贝尔地区采用原位定位试验(连续2年施肥)比较了不同施肥方式(不施肥、普通有机肥和生物有机肥)对草地生物量的影响,并采用高通量测序的方法测定了土壤微生物区系的变化。[结果]与不施肥(CK)或者普通有机肥(OF,9 000 kg·hm-2)相比,施用生物有机肥(BOF,9 000 kg·hm-2)可以显著提高草地地上部生物量。非量度多尺度(NMDS)分析表明不同施肥处理间(CK、OF和BOF)土壤细菌群落结构差异不明显,而真菌群落结构差异显著。施用生物有机肥显著增加了Archaeorhizomyces和木霉属(Trichoderma)的相对丰度,而显著降低了Ophiosphaerella的相对丰度。同时,土壤理化性质和微生物属的相关关系表明,土壤有效磷含量与Archaeorhizomyces和木霉属的相对丰度呈显著正相关,而与Ophiosphaerella呈显著负相关。因此,增加土壤有效磷含量有利于提高草地地上部生物量。[结论]连续施用生物有机肥可以通过调节土壤微生物群落结构和组成来达到提高草地生物量的目的。
[Objectives]Our study aims to understand the promotion effect of biofertilizer on grassland biomass,and demonstrate the potential soil microecological regulation mechanisms,providing an important theoretical basis for constructing high-yield soil rhizosphere microflora. [Methods]We conducted a 2-year in situ fertilization experiment in meadow steppe grasslands in Hulunber, Inner Mongolia,China to evaluate the impacts of different fertilization regime(non-amend fertilization,organic fertilizer,and biofertilizer) on grassland biomass,and the high-throughput sequencing was employed to monitor the potential variation of soil microflora. [Results]The aboveground biomass significantly increased in plots fertilized with biofertilizer(BOF,9 000 kg·hm-2) compared with plots that received organic fertilizer(OF,9 000 kg·hm-2) or no fertilizer(CK). Nonmetric multidimensional scaling(NMDS) revealed that bacterial community structure was relatively similar in the soils of different treatments,while soil fungal community structure was significantly separated by different fertilization regime. BOF application increased the relative abundances of Archaeorhizomyces and Trichoderma,but decreased that of Ophiosphaerella. The correlations between soil properties and microbial genera showed that a higher soil available P might be beneficial to the aboveground biomass by increasing the abundances of Archaeorhizomyces and Trichoderma and decreasing Ophiosphaerella in the soil. [Conclusions]Consecutive biofertilizer application can improve the aboveground biomass by manipulating the soil microbial community structure and composition in grasslands.


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