ZHAO Haiyan,GAN Chundan,LAN Rujia,et al.Effects of a new humic acid-foliar fertilizer on flag leaf senescence,yield and quality of spring wheat[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2018,41(4):685-690.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201712019]





Effects of a new humic acid-foliar fertilizer on flag leaf senescence,yield and quality of spring wheat
赵海燕1 甘淳丹1 兰汝佳1 管永祥2 张春明13 殷广德2 郑青松1
1. 南京农业大学资源与环境科学学院, 江苏 南京 210095;
2. 江苏省耕地质量与农业环境保护站, 江苏 南京 210036;
3. 新疆农业大学草业与环境科学学院, 新疆 乌鲁木齐 830052
ZHAO Haiyan1 GAN Chundan1 LAN Rujia1 GUAN Yongxiang2 ZHANG Chunming13 YIN Guangde2 ZHENG Qingsong1
1. College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China;
2. Jiangsu Station of Agro-Environmental Monitoring and Protection, Nanjing 210036, China;
3. College of Grassland and Environmental Sciences, Xinjiang Agricultural University, Urumqi 830052, China
wheatfoliar fertilizerantioxidationhumic acidyieldquality
[目的]探究新型腐植酸型叶面肥在小麦生产上的应用,并研究其结合杀菌剂应用于防病虫害、干热风和提高产量的效果及其机制,为该肥料在小麦生产上推广施用提供科学依据。[方法]以‘扬麦16号’为材料,设置低剂量叶面肥(LF)处理(1 500 g·hm-2)、高剂量叶面肥(HF)处理(3 000 g·hm-2)、LF+多菌灵(LFC)处理和HF+多菌灵(HFC)处理,以喷施等量清水为对照,研究小麦穗期喷施含腐植酸液体叶面肥2次对作物产量和品质的调控效应,并检测不同处理的植株叶片叶绿素(Chl)、可溶性糖(SS)、可溶性蛋白(SP)含量和抗氧化酶的活性。[结果]喷施1 500和3 000 g·hm-2叶面肥后7和14 d,小麦旗叶的Chl、SS和SP含量均提高,超氧化物歧化酶(SOD)、抗坏血酸过氧化物酶(APX)和谷胱甘肽还原酶(GR)活性均增加,丙二醛(MDA)含量降低;其中,高浓度叶面肥处理的效应比低浓度处理的更为明显,结合多菌灵喷施的效应也更为明显。施肥处理明显提高小麦籽粒的千粒质量和产量,结合多菌灵的施肥处理的促进效果更为显著。低浓度和高浓度叶面肥处理的小麦籽粒产量分别比对照增加5.7%和8.3%,结合多菌灵施用后,分别增产8.4%和10.6%。施肥处理提高了小麦籽粒的蛋白质含量、湿面筋含量、沉降值和稳定时间,结合多菌灵的施肥处理的促进效果更为显著。[结论]在小麦抽穗期和齐穗期喷施含腐植酸叶面肥,能够明显提高叶片的抗氧化及籽粒灌浆和输送养分的能力,从而提高了小麦的产量和品质。
[Objectives]This study aimed to evaluate the effects of new humic acid-foliar fertilizer and its combination with fungicides on wheat production and its mechanism,so that it could provide theoretical basis for the fertilizer application on wheat production.[Methods]Spring wheat ‘Yangmai 16’ was used as an experiment material,and regulations of its yield and quality with spraying by the following treatments,1 500 g·hm-2 fertilizer(LF),3 000 g·hm-2 fertilizer(HF),LF+carbendazim(LFC)and HA+carbendazim(HFC)at heading stage and full heading stage of wheat were studied,and spraying fresh water was as control. Contents of leaf chlorophyll(Chl),soluble sugar(SS),soluble protein(SP)and antioxidant enzyme activity of plant flag leaves under different fertilizer treatments were determined.[Results]Contents of Chl,SS and SP,and activities of SOD,APX and GR in flag leaves increased with varying degree under spraying the fertilizer at 1 500 and 3 000 g·hm-2 for 7 and 14 d. However,content of malondialdehyde(MDA)decreased under spraying the fertilizer. It found that the above-mentioned effects under high spraying concentration treatment were more obvious than those under low spraying concentration treatment,and the effect of fertilization combined with carbendazim was more significant in this study. Spraying with 1 500 and 3 000 g·hm-2 fertilizer significantly promoted the wheat yield by 5.7% and 8.3%,respectively. However,combined with carbendazim,spraying with 1 500 and 3 000 g·hm-2 fertilizer significantly promoted the wheat yield by 8.4% and 10.6%. Also,fertilizer with or without carbendazim showed similar promotive effects on protein content,wet gluten,sedimentation and stabilization tim of wheat grains.[Conclusions]In conclusion,foliar fertilizer application at heading stage and full heading stage of wheat increased antioxidation,improved leaf physiological function,enhanced grain filling and nutrien transporting,and improved wheat yield and quality.


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