JIN Lu,WANG Jian,GUO Shirong,et al.Design and experimental study on a new type of ebb-and-flow soilless culture device[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2018,41(6):1142-1150.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201801047]





Design and experimental study on a new type of ebb-and-flow soilless culture device
靳露12 王健12 郭世荣12 何向丽12 孙锦12 束胜12 魏斌3 毕研飞3
1. 南京农业大学园艺学院, 江苏 南京 210095;
2. 宿迁市设施园艺研究院, 江苏 宿迁 223800;
3. 江苏常熟国家农业科技园区管理委员会, 江苏 常熟 215500
JIN Lu12 WANG Jian12 GUO Shirong12 HE Xiangli12 SUN Jin12 SHU Sheng12 WEI Bin3 BI Yanfei3
1. College of Horticulture, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China;
2. Suqian Academy of Protected Horticultures, Suqian 223800, China;
3. Jiangsu Changshu National Agricultural Science and Technology Park Management Committee, Changshu 215500, China
ebb-and-flow soilless culture devicehydromechanicswater supply characteristicssubstrate water contentirrigation water use efficiency
[目的]本文旨在开发一种新型潮汐式无土栽培设施(NSCD)。[方法]该NSCD主要包括营养液槽、"Ω"型分隔板、种植区、排液区、"U"型虹吸管、连通管、活动插板以及供水管。以中国传统的潮汐式无土栽培设施鲁SC-Ⅱ型为对照(CK),对NSCD进行了理论和试验分析以探究其物理特性和供水特性,并对NSCD的灌溉水使用效率、种植效果与经济性评估进行了分析。[结果]2种栽培设施未使用和使用过的均具有相似的抗张强度,且使用过的设施抗张强度稍大于未使用的设施。NSCD中水对分隔板的压力要远高于CK中水对分隔板的压力,而水对分隔板的压力是影响供水特性的主要因素。供水过程中,NSCD能在15 min之内快速均匀地供水至基质含水量的80%,完全满足植物根系对水分的需求,因此能极大提高灌溉水使用效率(34.13%)。供水期间,不同栽培设施基质里氧气、温度以及水分含量动态变化类似,但NSCD中基质里各参数变化量较大,且当基质中含水量相近时,NSCD中基质含氧量较对照高,供水期间基质里含氧量、含水量以及温度呈显著负相关关系。此外,NSCD还能减少7.77%的建造成本。[结论]NSCD具有良好的供水特性且能提高灌溉水使用效率,是一种经济适用的新型潮汐式灌溉设施。
[Objectives] The paper aims to develop a new type of ebb-and-flow soilless culture device (NSCD). [Methods] The device is mainly composed of a nutrient solution trough, a "Ω" type separating plate, the planting area, a drainage part, a "U" type siphon pipe, a connecting pipe, a movable inserting plate, and a water supply pipe. Theoretical and experimental analyses of the NSCD was conducted by using a traditional Chinese ebb-and-flow soilless culture device Lu SC-Ⅱ as the control (CK)to evaluate the physical properties and water supply characteristics. Irrigation water use efficiency, cultivation effects and the economic evaluations of the NSCD were carried out. [Results] The experimental results showed that both of the NSCD and CK retained similar levels of tensile strength and the force of water on the separating plate of the NSCD was higher than that of CK which was the primary influencing factor on water supply characteristics. During supplying water, the NSCD could supply water to 80% of substrate water content within 15 min, and could fully meet the requirements of plant roots, thus IWUE significantly increased by 34.13%. During supplying water stage, the dynamic changes of substrate oxygen content, substrate temperature, substrate water content in different devices were similar, but the variation of them in the substrate of the NSCD was larger. When substrate water content in different devices was similar, substrate oxygen content of the NSCD was higher than that of the CK. Moreover, substrate oxygen content was significantly negatively correlated with substrate water content and substrate temperature. Additionally, the NSCD could reduce the construction materials costs by 7.77%. [Conclusions] Overall, the NSCD had better water supply properties and could improve IWUE. Besides, it was an economical and applicable new device for ebb-and-flow soilless culture.


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