WANG Zhiyuan,LIU Ziwen,GU Han,et al.Phenotypic identification and candidate genes analysis of white striped leaf7(wsl7) mutant in rice[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2019,42(1):21-29.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201803028]





Phenotypic identification and candidate genes analysis of white striped leaf7(wsl7) mutant in rice
王致远 刘子文 谷晗 游佳 朱泽 胡曼曼 周时荣 江玲 刘玲珑
南京农业大学作物遗传与种质创新国家重点实验室/江苏省植物基因工程技术研究中心, 江苏 南京 210095
WANG Zhiyuan LIU Ziwen GU Han YOU Jia ZHU Ze HU Manman ZHOU Shirong JIANG Ling LIU Linglong
State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement/Research Center of Jiangsu Plant Gene Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
ricewhite striped leaf mutantgene mappingchlorophyll synthesisplastid development
[目的]水稻白条纹叶突变体是一种可利用的种质资源。通过对突变基因的定位,可将白条纹叶性状作为一种隐性标记导入到不育系中,在保证杂交种纯度方面有着非常广阔的应用前景。[方法]从籼稻品种‘93-11’的化学诱变突变体库中发现1个水稻白条纹叶突变体white striped leaf7wsl7)。利用wsl7与‘02428’杂交构建F2群体进行遗传分析及基因定位。[结果]与野生型相比,突变体wsl7在幼苗期表现出叶片白条纹的表型且光合色素含量较野生型极显著下降,以3叶期最明显。5叶期以后叶片开始由下向上转绿。低温处理条件下,wsl7白条纹叶表型较正常温度处理更为显著。透射电镜观察发现,突变体叶绿体观察不到明显的类囊体片层且出现大量空泡状结构。遗传分析表明,该突变性状受单隐性核基因控制。利用混合群体分离分析法(BSA)将该基因初步定位于第6号染色体上。进一步通过开发分子标记和扩大群体进行精细定位,将基因缩小到72.3 kb。经测序发现wsl7突变体中1个编码线粒体载体蛋白基因的3个外显子发生单碱基缺失,导致编码蛋白翻译提前终止。[结论]水稻突变体wsl7的白条纹叶性状由6号染色体上的1个编码线粒体载体蛋白基因突变所致。
[Objectives]Rice white striped leaf mutant is a kind of usable germplasm resource. Through mapping mutant gene,the white striped leaf trait can be introduced into sterile lines as a recessive marker,which has a wide application prospect in ensuring the purity of hybrids. [Methods]A rice white striped leaf7(wsl7) mutant was found in a chemical mutagenesis library of indica variety ‘93-11’. An F2 population was constructed by crossing wsl7 and ‘02428’ for genetic analysis and gene mapping. [Results]Compared with the wild type,leaves of wsl7 mutant showed a white striped leaf phenotype at seedling stage and accordingly photosynthetic pigment content was significantly lower than that of the wild type,with the most obvious symptom found at the 3-leaf stage. After the 5-leaf stage,the leaves began to turn green from bottom to top. Under low temperature treatment,the wsl7 white striped leaves phenotype was more pronounced than that in normal temperature treatment. Transmission electron microscope observation showed no significant thylakoid lamellae in the chloroplasts of the mutant and a large number of vacuolar structure appeared. Genetic analysis indicated that the mutant trait was controlled by a single recessive nuclear gene. The gene was preliminarily located on chromosome 6 using a bulked segregate analysis(BSA). Further,the gene was mapped to the 72.3 kb by developing molecular markers and expanding populations. Sequencing revealed a single nucleotide deletion in the third exon of a mitochondrial carrier protein gene in the wsl7 mutant,leading to premature termination of the encoded protein translation. [Conclusions]The white striped trait in the wsl7 mutant was caused by a mutation in the mitochondrial carrier protein gene on chromosome 6.


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