ZHONG Qiuyi,XU Xia,ZHANG Zhen,et al.The effect of foliar spraying N-acetyl-L-cysteine on the recovery stage of machine-transplanted rice[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2020,43(4):605-612.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201908012]





The effect of foliar spraying N-acetyl-L-cysteine on the recovery stage of machine-transplanted rice
钟秋怡 徐霞 张震 丁艳锋 王绍华 李刚华
南京农业大学江苏省现代作物生产协同创新中心/农业农村部南方作物生理生态重点开放实验室, 江苏 南京 210095
ZHONG Qiuyi XU Xia ZHANG Zhen DING Yanfeng WANG Shaohua LI Ganghua
Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center for Modern Crop Production/Key Laboratory of Crop Physiology and Ecology in Southern China, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
ricemachine-transplantedN-acetyl-L-cysteine(NAC)recovery stageantioxidant system
[目的] 本研究旨在探索叶面喷施N-乙酰-L-半胱氨酸(NAC)对机插水稻缓苗的调节效应。[方法] 以常规粳稻‘宁粳7号’为供试品种,于移栽前2 d傍晚连续喷施不同浓度NAC,设置4个处理:喷施清水(CK)、20 μmol·L-1 NAC(F-NAC20)、200 μmol·L-1 NAC(F-NAC200)、2 000 μmol·L-1 NAC(F-NAC2000),研究其对水稻分蘖发生、秧苗形态指标(株高、茎基宽、根系形态指标)、叶绿素含量、抗氧化系统(SOD、POD、CAT活性)、AsA-GSH循环(APX和GR活性、AsA和GSH含量)以及MDA、H2O2含量的影响。[结果] 叶面喷施NAC显著提高机插水稻移栽后GR的活性,促进GSH积累,减少H2O2含量,缓解氧化损伤,维持细胞稳定性,降低MDA含量,减少叶绿素降解,并显著促进根系生长、伸长,促进秧苗扎根立苗、分蘖发生,显著提高成熟期有效穗数。其中F-NAC2000处理综合效果最好,栽后2 d,与CK相比,F-NAC2000处理GR活性提高6.4%,GSH含量提高92.2%,H2O2含量减少25.7%,MDA含量降低26.3%,从而减轻光合色素的降解,使叶绿素含量提高19.3%,类胡萝卜素含量提高36.6%,并且使根尖数增加164.7%,根长增加101.0%,根粗增加26.8%,改善了秧苗栽后生长,移栽后7 d单株茎蘖数较CK提高2.3%,成熟期单株有效穗数比对照多0.4个。[结论] 叶面喷施NAC能缓解机插水稻易造成植株伤害的负面影响,缩短缓苗期,促进移栽后分蘖发生,其中2 000 μmol·L-1 NAC效果最好。
[Objectives] The study aimed to explore the effect of foliar spraying N-acetyl-L-cysteine(NAC) on the recovery of machine-transplanted rice.[Methods] The conventional japonica rice’Ningjing 7’was used as the experimental variety and sprayed to seedling leaves with different concentrations of NAC for 2 times at 2 days before transplanting. And 4 treatments were set:spraying water(CK);spraying 20 μmol·L-1 NAC(F-NAC20);spraying 200 μmol·L-1 NAC(F-NAC200);spraying 2 000 μmol·L-1 NAC(F-NAC2000). Then the tillers growth,morphological index(plant height,stem base width,root morphology index),chlorophyll content,antioxidant system(SOD,POD,CAT activities),AsA-GSH pool(APX,GR activities and AsA,GSH contents) and MDA,H2O2 contents were investigated.[Results] The results showed that NAC could reduce H2O2 content through significantly increasing GR activity and promoting the accumulation of GSH which alleviated the oxidative damage,maintained cell stability,reduced MDA content,protected photosynthetic organs,reduced chlorophyll degradation,and significantly promoted root growth and elongation,and significantly increased the number of panicles at maturity. At 2 d after transplanting,compared with CK,F-NAC2000 increased GR activity by 6.4%,GSH content by 92.2%,decreased H2O2 content by 25.7%,and MDA content by 26.3%,which reduced photosynthetic pigment degradation and increased chlorophyll content by 19.3%,increased carotenoid content by 36.6%,and the number of root tips increased 164.7%,root length increased 101.0%,root diameter increased 26.8%. The growth of the seedlings after transplanting was improved. At 7 d after transplanting,the number of tillers increased 2.3% compared with CK,and the number of panicles per plant was 0.4 more than that of CK.[Conclusions] Foliar application of NAC can alleviate the negative effects of transplant shock on seedlings,shorten the recovery stage,and promote the growth of tillering after transplanting,of which 2 000 μmol·L-1 NAC is the best.


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