WANG Lin,MENG Ling,LI Baoping.Effects of diets with Harmonia axyridis pupae on growth and development performance of predatory stinkbug Arma chinensis[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2020,43(4):645-649.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201911001]





Effects of diets with Harmonia axyridis pupae on growth and development performance of predatory stinkbug Arma chinensis
王琳 孟玲 李保平
南京农业大学植物保护学院/农作物生物灾害综合治理教育部重点实验室, 江苏 南京 210095
WANG Lin MENG Ling LI Baoping
College of Plant Protection/Key Laboratory of Integrated Management of Crop Diseases and Pests, Ministry of Education, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
intraguild predationpredatory bugslife history traitsfood nutritionpredator-predator interaction
[目的] 本研究旨在明确不同程度取食异色瓢虫蛹对广谱捕食性蠋蝽的生长发育和生殖表现的影响。[方法] 食谱因素设置11个处理,分为2个大组:第1组为单一食谱2个处理,分别为全历期饲喂异色瓢虫蛹和黏虫幼虫(对照);第2组为异色瓢虫蛹与黏虫幼虫混合食谱,设3个虫龄(态)(3、5龄若虫和1日龄成虫)与3个饲喂期(按每天1头的量分别饲喂1、2、3 d)组合共9个处理。观测蠋蝽的存活、产卵量和成虫寿命等重要生活史特征。采用预设比对方法分析相关食谱处理之间的差异。[结果] 食谱处理影响蠋蝽从初龄若虫发育至成虫的存活率;5龄若虫期取食2和3 d混合食谱处理下的蠋蝽存活率分别比全历期仅取食瓢虫蛹的蠋蝽分别提高25%和46%,其余食谱处理间的存活率没有差异。全历期仅取食瓢虫蛹的蠋蝽成虫不产卵;取食混合食谱的蠋蝽产卵量大于仅取食黏虫幼虫的蠋蝽;在取食混合食谱的情况下,3龄期取食处理下的产卵量分别比5龄期和成虫期取食处理下的多,后2个虫龄(态)处理间没有差异;同一虫龄(态)处理下的蠋蝽在不同饲喂期处理间的产卵量没有差异。全历期仅取食瓢虫蛹的蠋蝽成虫寿命(14.17 d)显著短于其他食谱处理的成虫;取食混合食谱的不同虫龄(态)处理间、同一虫龄(态)的不同饲喂期处理间均无显著差异。[结论] 虽然只取食异色瓢虫蛹不利于蠋蝽发育和生殖,但以黏虫幼虫为主添加少量瓢虫蛹的混合食谱可促进蠋蝽发育和生殖,而且发育早期取食该食谱的促进作用大于晚期。
[Objectives] This study examined the effect of diets with a supplement of varying amounts of pupae of the harlequin ladybird beetle Harmonia axyridis for generalist predator Arma chinensis(Hemiptera:Pentatomidae) on its developmental and reproductive performances.[Methods] Diet treatment was applied to A.chinensis at 11 levels fell into two groups,one(with two levels) containing either ladybird beetle pupae or Mythimna seperata caterpillars throughout life stages and another(with nine levels) comprising both that were consumed at different life stages(the 3rd,5th instar nymph and one-day old adult) and for different times(one,two,or three consecutive days with one ladybird beetle pupa per day). Planned contrasts were made between treatment levels of relevance.[Results] The diet treatment affected the survival of the stinkbug from neonate to adulthood. The stinkbug consuming a mixed diet at the 5th instar for 2 or 3 days increased the survival rate by 25% or 46% compared to that on the diet of only ladybird beetle pupa throughout life stages;while on a mixed diet the survival did not differ between life stage treatments,and between consuming time treatments at the same life stage treatment. Stinkbug adults did not lay eggs while feeding on the diet of only ladybird beetle pupae,and laid more eggs on a mixed diet treatment than on only caterpillar diet. Female adults laid more eggs when consuming the mixed diet at the 3rd instar than at the 5th or adulthood,and laid a similar number of eggs on the mixed diet between the latter two stage treatments. Adults on the diet of only ladybird beetle pupae lived a shorter life(14.17 d) than those on the other diet treatments;they lived with a similar longevity on a mixed diet between life stage treatments and between consuming time treatments at the same life stage treatment.[Conclusions] Though the ladybird beetle pupa is suboptimal as exclusive food for A.chinenisis development and reproduction,it,as a supplement food to caterpillars,can have a positive consequence on the stinkbug,especially when being consumed at an earlier stage.


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