LIU Mingni,HU Yun,FANG Xi,et al.Effect of chronic corticosterone exposure on growth performance and hepatic iron homeostasis in broilers[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2020,43(4):714-719.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201907008]





Effect of chronic corticosterone exposure on growth performance and hepatic iron homeostasis in broilers
刘明妮 胡云 方茜 马文强 赵茹茜
南京农业大学农业农村部动物生理生化重点实验室/动物医学院, 江苏 南京 210095
LIU Mingni HU Yun FANG Xi MA Wenqiang ZHAO Ruqian
Key Laboratory of Animal Physiological and Biochemistry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs/College of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
corticosteronebroilerliveriron metabolism
[目的] 本文旨在研究慢性皮质酮处理后肉鸡生长性能及肝脏铁稳态的变化。[方法] 选取30只49日龄如皋黄羽雄性肉鸡,随机均分为对照组和皮质酮组。肉鸡均饲喂玉米豆粕型日粮,对照组肉鸡注射15%(体积分数)乙醇4.0 mg·kg-1,皮质酮组肉鸡注射4.0 mg·kg-1皮质酮,连续注射7 d。记录试验起始及结束时肉鸡体质量,检测肉鸡血清及组织铁代谢指标、十二指肠和肝脏铁代谢相关基因及蛋白的表达。[结果] 与对照组相比,皮质酮暴露极显著抑制肉鸡生长(P<0.01),且极显著增加肉鸡血清铁含量,提高总铁结合力、不饱和铁结合力和转铁蛋白饱和度(P<0.01)及上调肝脏转铁蛋白(TF)表达(P<0.01),但降低肝脏铁含量(P<0.01)及肝脏转铁蛋白受体1(TFR1)蛋白的表达(P=0.06)。[结论] 慢性皮质酮暴露可降低肉鸡生长性能,增加血清铁水平和总铁结合力,减少肝脏铁沉积,并且此暴露对肝脏铁稳态的调节与TF高表达和TFR1低表达密切相关。
[Objectives] The purpose of this papers was to study the effect of chronic corticosterone exposure on growth performance and liver homeostasis in broilers.[Methods] Thirty 49 day-old broilers were randomly divided into control group and corticosterone group. The broilers were fed the same diet. The broilers of control group were injected with 15%(volume traction) alcohol 0.4 mg·kg-1,and corticosterone group broilers were injected with 4.0 mg·kg-1 corticosterone for 7 consecutive days. Body weight was recorded at the beginning and end of the experiment. The serum and tissue iron metabolism parameters,duodenum and liver iron metabolism-related genes and proteins expression were detected.[Results] Compared with the control,corticosterone exposure significantly inhibited broilers growth(P<0.01),increased serum iron,total iron binding capacity,unsaturated iron binding capacity and transferrin saturation(P<0.01) and hepatic transferrin(TF) expression(P<0.01),but greatly decreased hepatic iron content(P<0.01) and liver transferrin receptor 1(TFR1) protein expression(P=0.06).[Conclusions] Corticosterone exposure inhibited broilers growth,increased serum iron levels and total iron binding capacity,and reduced hepatic iron deposition. The hepatic iron homeostasis induced by chronic corticosterone exposure was closely related to high TF expression and low expression of TFR1.


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