SHANGGUAN Lingfei,WANG Zicheng,FANG Xiang,et al.Regulation mechanism of bud dormancy by DAM gene in perennial fruit trees[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2020,43(5):790-799.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201912069]





Regulation mechanism of bud dormancy by DAM gene in perennial fruit trees
上官凌飞 王子诚 方项 陈春 刘天华 陈梦霞 房经贵
南京农业大学园艺学院/江苏省果树品种改良与种苗繁育工程中心, 江苏 南京 210095
SHANGGUAN Lingfei WANG Zicheng FANG Xiang CHEN Chun LIU Tianhua CHEN Mengxia FANG Jinggui
College of Horticulture/Fruit Crop Genetic Improvement and Seedling Propagation Engineering Center of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China
Dormancy-associated MADS-box(DAM) geneperennial fruit treebud dormancyregulation mechanism
芽休眠是多年生果树抵御自然界不利环境,完成其生命周期的重要机制之一。芽休眠过程受到品种、光照、温度、酶、基因以及激素等因素的调控。近年来,关于芽休眠相关基因在芽休眠过程中的调控作用报道较多。其中,DAMDormancy-associated MADS-box)基因作为芽休眠调控核心基因备受关注。本文综合近年来国内、外研究进展,总结了多年生果树中DAM基因的鉴定结果,从DAM基因对果树芽生长的抑制作用,对FT类基因表达的抑制以及与植物激素之间相互调控3个方面概括了DAM基因调控果树芽休眠的机制,从转录因子调控、表观遗传调控、内含子区域调控、激素调控、温度调控以及光周期调控6个方面总结了影响DAM基因表达的因素,以期为深入研究DAM基因调控多年生果树芽休眠机制提供参考和借鉴。
Bud dormancy is one of the important mechanisms for perennial fruit trees resisting the unfavorable environment in nature and completing its life cycle. The process of bud dormancy is regulated by many factors such as variety,light,temperature,enzymes,genes,and hormones. In recent years,there have been many reports on the regulation of bud dormancy-related genes during bud dormancy. Among them,the DAM (Dormancy-associated MADS-box) gene has attracted much attention as a core gene for bud dormancy regulation. This article summarized the recent research progress at home and abroad,concluded the identification results of DAM gene in perennial fruit trees and revealed the regulatory mechanism of DAM gene from three aspects:the inhibition of DAM gene on fruit tree bud growth and FT-like gene expression,as well as the co-regulation between plant hormones and DAM gene. Then we summed up the regulation mechanism of DAM gene in fruit tree bud dormancy,including regulations related to transcription factor,epigenetic,intron region,hormone,temperature,and photoperiod,to provide reference and theoretical basis for further study on dormancy regulation mechanism of DAM gene in perennial fruit tree buds.


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