SHI Chenbo,AN Shiyu,ZHAO Jie,et al.Effects of adding Pleurotus eryngii substrate to diet on growth performance,rumen fermentation characteristics and rumen development of Hu sheep[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2020,43(6):1063-1071.[doi:10.7685/jnau.201907043]





Effects of adding Pleurotus eryngii substrate to diet on growth performance,rumen fermentation characteristics and rumen development of Hu sheep
史陈博1 安世钰1 赵洁1 邓凯平1 樊懿萱1 张艳丽1 尤佩华2 程明3 王锋1
1. 南京农业大学羊业科学研究所, 江苏 南京 210095;
2. 江苏波杜农牧股份有限公司, 江苏 南京 211803;
3. 江苏省灌南县畜牧兽医站, 江苏 灌南 222500
SHI Chenbo1 AN Shiyu1 ZHAO Jie1 DENG Kaiping1 FAN Yixuan1 ZHANG Yanli1 YOU Peihua2 CHENG Ming3 WANG Feng1
1. Institute of Sheep Industry Science, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing 210095, China;
2. Jiangsu AgriPortal Company Limited, Nanjing 211803, China;
3. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station in Guannan County of Jiangsu Province, Guannan 222500, China
Hu sheepPleurotus eryngii substrate(PES)growth performancerumen fermentationrumen morphologydevelopmentgene expression
[目的] 本文旨在探讨日粮添加杏鲍菇菌糠(Pleurotus eryngii substrate,PES)对湖羊生长性能、瘤胃发酵和瘤胃发育的影响。[方法] 试验选取48只体况良好、体质量相近的60日龄湖羊公羔,随机均分成4组,饲喂添加不同比例(0、20%、25%和30%)PES的日粮,预试期12 d,正试期78 d。试验结束后,测定体质量,屠宰取瘤胃液及瘤胃组织,气相色谱法测定瘤胃液挥发性脂肪酸(volatile fatty acids,VFA),苏木精-伊红染色法测量瘤胃乳头长度、厚度及瘤胃肌层厚度,并采用RT-qPCR检测瘤胃上皮细胞中与细胞生长和VFA吸收相关基因mRNA的表达。[结果] 与对照组相比,湖羊日粮添加PES对其体质量、干物质采食量无显著影响(P>0.05),添加25%和30% PES组显著提高平均日增重(P<0.05);日粮中添加PES显著提高瘤胃液乙酸、总挥发性脂肪酸含量以及乙酸/丙酸值(P<0.05),各组之间瘤胃液pH值和丙酸、异戊酸、正戊酸含量差异不显著;日粮中添加PES显著提高瘤胃乳头长度(P<0.05),20%和25% PES组瘤胃乳头厚度显著高于对照组及30% PES组(P<0.05),各组间瘤胃肌层厚度和胰岛素样生长因子结合蛋白5基因(IGFBP-5)、生长转化因子β1基因(TGF-β1)mRNA相对表达量差异不显著(P>0.05),日粮添加PES显著提高胰岛素样生长因子结合蛋白6基因(IGFBP-6)的mRNA相对表达量(P<0.05);20%和25% PES组单羧酸转运蛋白1基因(MCT-1)相对表达量显著高于对照组和30% PES组(P<0.05);PES组单羧酸转运蛋白4基因(MCT-4)mRNA表达水平均显著高于对照组(P<0.05);20%和25% PES组钠钾ATP酶基因(Na+/K+ ATPase)mRNA相对表达量均显著高于对照组和30% PES组(P<0.05)。[结论] 日粮中添加PES能提高湖羊生长性能、改善瘤胃代谢,促进瘤胃发育,PES最适添加比例为25%。
[Objectives] The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation of Pleurotus eryngii substrate(PES) on the growth performance,rumen fermentation characteristics and rumen development of Hu sheep.[Methods] Forty eight male Hu sheep with good body conditions and similar weight were selected for this experiment,randomly divided into four groups(two-month-old;n=12) and fed with different ratios of PES(0,20%,25%,30%) for 90 days. At the end of the feeding period,body weight,rumen and rumen fluid sample were obtained after slaughter. Volatile fatty acid(VFA),papilla length,papilla thickness and muscular thickness were quantified in the sample using gas chromatography and haematoxylin-eosin(HE),respectively. The expression level of ruminal epithelial cell growth and absorption of VFA related genes were detected by RT-qPCR.[Results] Compared with the control group,dietary supplementation PES did not significantly affect the body weight and dry matter intake(P>0.05). 25% and 30% PES significantly increased the average daily gain(P<0.05). Dietary supplement with PES did not significantly affect the concentrations of acetic acid,total VFA and the ratio of acetic to propionic(P>0.05). There was no significant difference in the pH value of rumen fluid,propionic acid,isovaleric acid and pentanoic acid among the four groups. Dietary supplement with PES significantly increased rumen papilla length(P<0.05). The rumen papilla thickness was significantly higher in the 20% and 25% PES groups than in the control and 30% PES group(P<0.05). There was no significant difference in rumen muscular thickness among the four groups. The relative expressions of insulin growth-like factor binding protein 5 gene(IGFBP-5) and transforming growth factor β1(TGF-β1) mRNA were not signi-ficantly different between the groups. Dietary supplement with PES was significantly increased the relative expression of insulin growth-like factor binding protein 6 gene(IGFBP-6) mRNA(P<0.05);compared with the control group and 30% PES group,the relative expression of monocarboxylate transporters 1(MCT-1) mRNA significantly increased in the 20% and 25% PES groups(P<0.05). The mRNA expression level of monocarboxylate transporters 4(MCT-4) was significantly higher in PES group than that in control group(P<0.05). The relative expressions of Na+/K+ ATPase gene(Na+/K+ ATPase) mRNA in the 20% and 25% PES groups were significantly higher than those in the control group and 30% PES group(P<0.05).[Conclusions] Dietary supplementation PES could improve the growth performance,rumen fermentation characteristics and rumen development of Hu sheep. In conclusion,25% PES was the appropriate level of dietary supplementation for Hu sheep.


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