ZHANG Ruihong,ZHAO Kaixuan,JI Jiangtao,et al.Automatic location and recognition of cow’s collar ID based on machine learning[J].Journal of Nanjing Agricultural University,2021,44(3):586-595.[doi:10.7685/jnau.202010005]





Automatic location and recognition of cow’s collar ID based on machine learning
张瑞红 赵凯旋 姬江涛 朱雪峰
河南科技大学农业装备工程学院, 河南 洛阳 471003
ZHANG Ruihong ZHAO Kaixuan JI Jiangtao ZHU Xuefeng
College of Agricultural Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang 471003, China
label positioningcascade detectormulti-angle detectioncharacter segmentationcharacter recognitionconvolutional neural network
[目的] 奶牛个体信息的实时感知和行为分析是现代化奶牛精细养殖的必然要求,奶牛个体身份的有效识别是上述目标的前提和基础。基于奶牛生物特征(牛脸、体斑等)图像的无接触识别方法易受外界干扰、算法复杂度高,可识别的样本规模受到限制。因此,本文提出1种基于机器学习的奶牛颈环ID自动定位与识别方法。[方法] 针对奶牛运动造成的颈环ID偏转问题,采用基于梯度方向直方图(HOG)特征的级联检测器结合多角度检测方法实现奶牛标牌的定位;对标牌图像进行图像增强和二值化分割等处理,得到单个字符图像;设计卷积神经网络的结构和参数,训练字符识别模型,从而完成标牌字符的识别。试验数据包括80头奶牛的1 414幅侧视图像,随机选取其中58头奶牛的图像作为训练集,其余22头奶牛的图像作为测试集。[结果] 标牌定位的准确率为96.98%,召回率为80.23%,字符识别模型的准确率为93.35%,连续图像序列中奶牛个体的识别率为95.45%。[结论] 识别模型对光线变化、污渍沾染、旋转角度等具有良好的鲁棒性,具有代替传统动物个体身份识别方法的潜力。
[Objectives] Real-time perception and behavior analysis of individual cow information are the inevitable requirements of modern dairy cow fine breeding. Effective identification of individual cow identity is the premise and basis of the above goals. The contact-free recognition method based on the image of the cow’s biological characteristics(faces,body spots,etc.) is susceptible to external interference and the algorithm complexity is high,and the identifiable sample size is limited. Therefore,this paper proposes a method of automatic location and recognition of cow’s collar ID based on deep learning. [Methods] Aiming at the ID deflection problem of neck ring caused by cow movement,the cascade detector based on histogram of oriented gradient(HOG) feature combined with multi-angle detection method was adopted to realize the localization of cow signs. A single character image was obtained by a series of processing such as image enhancement and binary segmentation. The structure and parameters of the convolutional neural network were designed to train the character recognition model so as to complete the recognition of signage characters. The experimental data included 1 414 side-looking images of 80 cows,of which 58 were randomly selected as the training set and the images of the remaining 22 cows as the test set. [Results] The accuracy of placards was 96.98%,the recall rate was 80.23%,the accuracy of the character recognition model was 93.35%,and the recognition rate of individual cows in continuous image sequences was 95.45%. [Conclusions] The recognition model has good robustness to light change,stain contamination,rotation angle and so on,which has the potential to replace the traditional animal individual identification method.


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